Perched high on hill in a stunning location overlooking Moreton-in-the Marsh and the Evenlode valley lies the small village of Bourton-on-the-Hill and its church - the church of St Lawrence.

St Lawrence Church Bourton-on-the-Hill Cotswolds

The church has a long history dating back to 1157, although very little of the original church remains. The church was originally dedicated to St Mary, the change of dedication to St Lawrence occurring in the 15th century.

St Lawrence Church Pillars South Nave Bourton-on-the-Hill Cotswolds

Part of the original structure of the church is still visible in the form of the pillars located in the south side of the nave; however, the arches were added at a later date, in the 12th century

St Lawrence Church Font Bourton-on-the-Hill Cotswolds

The church underwent extensive alterations in the 14th and 15th centuries. In the 14th century a new chancel, the East window, the north nave and tower were built.

The following century the north and south porches were added.

The font also dates from the fifteenth century.


St Lawrence Church Section of 15th century stone screen Bourton-on-the-Hill Cotswolds
The section of stone screen dating from the 15th century and located in the south nave was not originally part of the building. It was found in a builder's yard and placed in its present position in 1927.


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