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When visiting Cornwall the tourist immediately senses that he is in a different world. For the motorist the roads become narrower and at times hardly negotiable, the names of villages often appear in Cornish and the region is replete with history, legend and folklore.
The quaint historic village of Madron, like many others, is characteristic of Cornwall as a whole. Within the small area of this small Cornish village the tourist immediately detects that characteristic blend of tranquillity, hospitality, prehistory, Christianity, paganism, and legend. The locals who frequent the village pub King William IV, will willingly talk to the stray tourist who finds his way there to be refreshed. So will the cultured Michael Scoble, owner of the bed and breakfast opposite, Tregoddick House.

The name of the village itself is a significant testimony to the Christian influence in this area. The old form of the name is Maddern and is the name of a saint who died there mid 6th century and of whom nothing is known for sure save that he was a hermit of Cornish descent and that his hermitage was located near Madern's Well, an intriguing but much neglected attraction just outside the village.

The Parish Church of Madron, near Penzance, Cornwall


The two focal points of the village community are the Parish Church of Saint Madern (Church of England) and pub, the one catering for the people's spiritual well-being and the other to the more mundane aspects of life. The main tourist attractions in the area are the Parish Church of Madron, Madern's Well and Chapel, and, one mile down the road to Morvah, the famous pre-historic Lanyon Quoit. The village is an ideal choice for the tourist to stay if he wants to keep clear of the hustle and bustle in the nearby town of Penzance (1½ mile). Madron might well be used as a base for visiting the most southern tip of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The Tourist might well benefit from a tour that takes in Madron as a starting point and continues on to Lanyon Quoit, Land's End, Mousehole, Penzance, returning to Madron. This is a favourtie itinerary among tourists.


For those who wish to visit Madron we suggest the following Bed and Breakfast: Tregoddick House

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