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A Country House
in the Heart of Birmingham

This country house is located in the inner city area of Birmingham, the second biggest city in Britain. One might ask why it is included here in the category of country houses. The answer is quite simply that it was originally a house built on a hilltop in the country near what was then the small manufacturing town of Birmingham.

It was in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that the city of Birmingham experienced a phenomenal expansion. During the nineteenth century this expansion eventually included the hilltop on which the house was built. The most evident signs of twentieth century expansion in the area is the motorway complex locally known as "Spaghetti Junction", a motorway complex leading right into the city centre. The complex resembles, in fact, the entangled strands of spaghetti. Perhaps the name itself also reflects the multi-ethnic nature of the city. A country house in the heart of the city and a visible landmark, together with the Aston Villa football ground, as one approaches the city from Spaghetti Junction.


Aston Hall, Birmingham
Aston Hall, Birmingham


This is not the only country building in the heart of Birmingham, there are others including Blakesley Hall, a carefully restored timber-framed farmhouse, the finest Elizabethan building in the city. Both Aston Hall and Blakesley Hall now belong to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

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