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Introduction to Small House Groups Bible Meditation

Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. (John 6:68)

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Introduction to the Bible Study and Bible Meditation Programme

The meditation and sharing of the Bible or Word of God in small house groups is one of the most exciting ways of exploring life together and of establishing profound longlasting and living relationships that far surpass in power and depth any groups focusing on other concerns and interests. It also fosters spiritual healing. A Community for Life is not to be confused with a social club. It is a community that leads people to understand and live their Christian faith together. It is a place where genuine discipleship is fostered. These house communities are a precious gift for the local church and become a powerhouse for renewal in profound spiritual unity.

The Word of God is all about relationships. This is precisely the reason why the Bible has always been, is and always will be the most relevant work for people of any age and the most solid basis on which to base one's life. As the whole of man's life is based on relationships what could possibly be more relevant to him?

The Bible shows us who God is; it is God's self-revelation to man. The Bible also reveals man to himself "What is man, that you think of him? … you have crowned him with glory and honour". (Psalm 8:4-5). You can only see the true glory, honour and dignity of man by the revelation of his intrinsic value in the Bible. No other work ever published can show you that.

The Bible reveals how God seeks a relationship with each individual and reveals to man how to understand, accept and live that relationship in the depths of his being. It reveals the essential nature of that relationship, one of joyous life, of love, of freedom. It establishes the stable basis of man's relation to man, how one person can relate to another, how each person can find a sense of wholeness and healing in the context of a community and how to live life to the full. The vital encounter with the Word of God communicates the power to live that relationship in face of the most difficult challenges of life. No human book of wisdom can give you this. It is a book that guides, that heals, that empowers that shows how to be victorious in the most challenging of circumstances. It provides us with the strength to prevail over our circumstances and not be oppressed by them.

The Bible is, however, a book that reveals its secrets only to those who have the right disposition; it is a book that confers its power only on those who are committed. It acts from within man and not from outside, hence the need for commitment and the right disposition. It shows you what that disposition is and how to acquire that disposition. Furthermore, and more importantly, it gives you the power to acquire that disposition with others in a community which is far more effective than that of any social club. Who would be fool enough not to try, persevere and let himself be borne along by the power it confers?

The search for self characterises, conditions and ultimately undermines society. When this gives way to the search for God, through his Word, we discover his logic and his ways, which are often the exact opposite to those of man and things really begin to happen. To embark on this journey needs an act of trust, it is a mystery tour that will project you into the depths of God's self revelation .

It also requires silence. Bible meditation groups foster listening, listening to the Holy Spirit, to his Word, to the words of the text, listening to the interaction of these words with the centre of our being, our spirit, and also listening to each other as we share what emerges from within.

During each meeting meditation is stimulated by asking questions that enable each person to penetrate the meaning of the text and to ponder on how that text may be applied to daily living. This encourages sharing one's life experiences with its problems and its challenges in the light of the text, object of our meditation.

This journey we are about to undertake is meant for small house groups of no more than the number that an average living room can comfortable accommodate. It would not be entirely irrelevant to note that Jesus chose only twelve persons to enjoy constantly his presence and teaching. The texts and reflections are suited to groups of such size. They can, however also be done by individuals but as the Bible reveals how to live these relationships in a community, the best way to gain the utmost benefit will be in a group. It is in a group that the Bible releases its power that shapes its members and moulds them into a community, a community of life and love, a community in which solitude is overcome on the deepest of levels, where each individual finds his / her self-fulfilment. That is why we call them communities for life, communities where all members in their individuality walk together in the same direction as the Spirit leads. Society is renewed by communities big and small. Small is beautiful, small is intimate, small is great. For those who wish to know the source of life in a community, big or small there is a promise: "where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them" (Matthew 18: 20). Each meeting is blessed by the transforming presence of Jesus Christ who, himself, is called the Word of God and leaves us his joy, his peace, his love, his self as we meditate on his words: "Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life." (John 6:68)

If you wish to have help and advice in the formation of such a group please contact us and if your group is located in Birmingham UK the author of these pages might be able to provide personal assistance to give the group a kick start.

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From Separation to Union. Discover How You and Your Relationships Can Change by Robert Walsh, the author of all the pages on this site.

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