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"When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?" (Psalm 8:3-4)?

Genesis 1:26-2:3 Questions for Group Leaders

Verse 26

1. What does the word 'dominion' mean?
2. How do most people exercise 'dominion'?
3. How should a Christian exercise dominion or authority over creation?
4. Is the way a Christian exercises power over creation dependent in any way on his relationship with God?
5. How does God relate to his creation? How does he exercise dominion over it and over us?
6. What happens to the relation between man and creation when he rejects relationship with God?

Verse 27

1. In whose likeness did God create mankind? What does this mean?
2. What is the nature of God? Does he have a physical body like ours? (see John 4:24)
3. So in what way do we resemble God?
4. What is man's role in the created world?

Verse 28

1. Why do you think that handing over creation to the dominion of man was mentioned both before his creation in the likeness of God and immediately after? Do you think being in the image of God would reflect the attitude of God for his creation?
2. What distinguishes God's relation to man compared to his relation with the other inanimate elements of creation? Is the fact that God speaks to man an indication of a special relationship?
3. His word creates elements of nature but God's word is a means for establishing a relationship with man. Is this significant in any way?
4. What is the blessing of God? Why does God bless man but not the other parts of creation?
5. What was God's first commandment to man? Is this commandment a restriction on man? Is it in man's interests? Can the same be said of all of God's commandments?

Verse 29-30

1. In this verse what does God make man aware of when he says 'behold'? (v. 29)
2. What is the most frequently used word in these two verses?
3. What need of man is God catering for in these two verses?
4. What characterises God's relationship to man from these two verses?
5. What should characterise man's attitude to God? What should man realise?
6. Man receives everything from God. Can man be independent of God? Can he be self-suffcient?
7. What virtue should these two verses encourage in man?

Verse 31

1. What was God's judgement on what he created? Is everything perfect?
2. Why could God not create a perfect universe?
3. On the basis of the command to subdue the earth and on the fact that everything is good but not perfect does man have a similar role to God in the creation of the world? Should he collaborate with God in perfecting the world? How can he do this?
4. Before there was no order in the universe. What does this verse introduce?

Verse 2:1-3

1. Why is the seventh day important?
2. What did God do when his creative word was finished?
3. What day is the seventh in the Old Testament? What, then, is the first day of the week?
4. What important lesson does God provide us with by refraining from all work on the seventh day?
5. What is the importance of rest? In a physical sense? In a spiritual sense?

Robert Walsh


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