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The "Land of Hope and Glory" is the outcome of collaboration between the composer, Edward William Elgar (1857-1934) and Arthur C. Benson (1862-1925).

Elgar had already earned a reputation as a composer with the two Pomp and Circumstance Marches (1901). The first of these appealed so much to the successor of Queen Victoria, Edward VII, that Elgar was commissioned to compose a work for the coronation of the king, later to be known as the "Coronation Ode" (see below). He worked in close collaboration with Arthur C Benson who provided words for the music. It was also suggested that a section of the first Pomp and Circumstance March should also have words and become the climax of the "Coronation Ode". The result is the song "Land of Hope and Glory". The Ode was completed in April 1902 and earned Elgar a knighthood in 1904. The Ode was also performed at the coronation of King George V in 1911.


Dear Land of Hope, thy hope is crowned.
God make thee mightier yet!
On Sov'ran brows, beloved, renowned,
Once more thy crown is set.
Thine equal laws, by Freedom gained,
Have ruled thee well and long;
By Freedom gained, by Truth maintained,
Thine Empire shall be strong.

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set;
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.

Thy fame is ancient as the days,
As Ocean large and wide:
A pride that dares, and heeds not praise,
A stern and silent pride:
Not that false joy that dreams content
With what our sires have won;
The blood a hero sire hath spent
Still nerves a hero son.

-- A C Benson


Coronation Ode

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the Free,
How may we extol thee,
Who are born of thee?

Truth and Right and Freedom,
Each a holy gem,
Stars of solemn brightness,
weave thy diadem.
Tho' thy way be darkened,
Still in splendour drest,
As the star that trembles
O'er the liquid West.
Throned amid the billows,
Throned inviolate,
Though hast reigned victorious,
Though has smiled at fate.

Land of Hope and Glory,
Fortress of the Free,
How may we extol thee,
Praise thee, honour thee?

Hark, a mighty nation
Maketh glad reply;
Lo, our lips are thankful,
Lo, our hearts are high!
Hearts in hope uplifted,
Loyal lips that sing;
Strong in faith and freedom,
We have crowned our King!


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